WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Ooze Rolling Tray - Biodegradable

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Here are our brand-new biodegradable trays!
These trays have a lifespan of 1-2 years and are made of bamboo, melamine, and corn starch. As an ashtray, it works flawlessly while grinding your herbs and rolling them up. Its cool appearance also makes it a wonderful conversation starter. One session at a time, save the planet.

The biodegradable rolling trays from Tree of Life are excellent for their intended use. Both the large and travel sizes of these rolling trays are available. The biodegradable variant is currently accessible! Grow your collection of trays with this original artwork—guaranteed it's to draw attention!

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  •  7.5" x 6" (Small)
  •  11" x 8" (Medium)
  •  13" x 10" (Large)
  •  Biodegradable


  • 1 Ooze Rolling Tray - Biodegradable