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ERTH CBD Pet Drops (30mL)

Introducing ERTH CBD Pet Drops (30mL) – Enhance Your Pet’s Wellness Naturally!

Unlock the Power of Nature for Your Beloved Pet

At ERTH, we believe that pets deserve the very best. That’s why we proudly present our award-winning Full Spectrum CBD Pet Drops, expertly crafted to cater to your pet’s overall well-being. Made with a thoughtful blend of Full Spectrum CBD, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, and a natural bacon flavor, these drops are designed to promote balance and tranquility in your furry friends through the power of natural compounds found in high-quality hemp plants.

Salmon Oil for a Healthy Pet

Our Full Spectrum CBD Pet Drops are enriched with Omega-3-rich Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, which supports heart health, joint health, and contributes to lustrous skin and a glossy coat. We know you want the best for your pet, and we’re here to deliver just that.

No Artificial Additives, Only Natural Goodness

ERH Pet Drops contain no artificial additives. They can be effortlessly administered orally or mixed with your pet’s food, providing a delightful daily boost for their general wellness and occasional stress relief. Give your pet the gift of nature’s goodness with ERTH CBD Pet Drops.

Quality You Can Trust

We understand that your pet’s well-being is of paramount importance. That’s why our Pet Drops are third-party lab-tested (ISO 17025) to ensure the highest standards of quality and purity. You can trust ERTH to provide your pet with the very best.

Ingredients You Can Pronounce

We believe in transparency and simplicity. Our Pet Drops are made with just three easily recognizable ingredients: Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, and Natural Bacon flavoring. No mysterious additives, only natural ingredients you can trust.

Elevate your pet’s well-being naturally with ERTH CBD Pet Drops. It’s the gateway to a happier, healthier pet, meticulously crafted to help them experience the full potential of holistic well-being. Choose ERTH and watch your pet thrive!

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  • BACON!!!!!!!


  • Bottle Size – 30mL
  • Available Strength – 300mg | 600mg | 900mg


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