WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Ooze Bangarang Silicone Ashtray

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We're elevating the traditional silicone storage system and ashtray known as the Ooze Banger Tray. The Bangarang is our improved model, including extra storage compartments and a detachable ashtray!

Even more, room is available to keep all of your tools because to the new hexagonal shape. To keep your station organized, store your dabbers, lighters, rolling papers, batteries, and other supplies in the places that have been assigned around the sides. It's much more simpler to get your gunked-up piece fresh and clean now that the spherical ashtray with a banger to clear your bowl pulls directly out of the Bangarang! 5 fantastic color combinations are available to suit your style.

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Ooze Banger Silicone Ashtray


  •  Silicone Construction
  •  Multiple Colors


  •  1 Bangarang Silicone Ashtray