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October 07, 2022 4 min read

ORGNX creates flavors which all have a similar taste to a lighter version of the fruit they're supposed to smell like. The banana tastes identical to the Banana The pineapple tastes similar to pineapple, and the peaches tastes like real peaches. This may sound like I'm stating the obvious. If only it were that. I rarely buy bottles named after the fruit that taste like a ripe sweet version of the fruit. Sometimes, you will find something that evokes the fruit it's meant to be tasting like. Sometimes, you will find a random flavor added to the mix to get in the way of the flavor profile of the fruit. Many of them are ill-named and don't taste similar to their name. Sometimes, you'll find different flavors that they paired in an attempt to recreate the flavor of a particular one.

It's worth being repeated. The fruit-flavored juices taste just as they're supposed to taste. Even the flavors I don't enjoy (because I don't enjoy the fruit they're based on) remain exactly as they're supposed to be. I agree with this and understand that people who want those fruity flavors will appreciate ORGNX juice.


Vaping through my Mi-Pod Pro, it produced a pleasant, refreshing fruity flavor. It was possible to vape salts on the MP Pro throughout the day. It's not so sweet that it's likely to ruin my coil or be too lovely to be able to vape for hours. The High VG is somewhat fragile compared to the DTL device and is somewhat chalky when exhaling 




The majority of Orgnx Vape Juice flavors are offered in high-VG nic salts, High-VG Juice, and Iced varieties. Get detailed descriptions of the flavors below.


The online description of Apple ORGNX E-liquid suggests that it tastes like fresh colorless Washington apple. They've hit the mark! I like the taste and intensity of the like. This is a great juice to use throughout the day. After exhaling, I can detect a hint of Ice, enhancing the ripe apple flavor I experienced when I inhaled. Overall, it's a pleasant apple-flavored vape that is refreshing and refreshing. This is enormous praise because nobody else does Apple tastes better than 7Days Reds does. It is a shame that they only make apple-related flavors. For another fruity flavor, I prefer ORGNX. For top-of-the-line, delicious fruit taste, ORGNX is the bomb.


A banana-flavored juice has been a challenge to replicate. Most banana-flavored e-liquids taste like artificial banana extract at the very best, but even when they taste good, they may not always have the same taste as bananas. It's not easy to find a tremendous banana-flavored e-juice. ORGNX is one of the banana juices I'd suggest. Its flavor is exactly like what you would expect from Bananas!

I am a massive fan of the banana flavor when it's done correctly. ORGNX banana is made to order. I purchased one of the 60 ML bottles of ORGNX Banana right after I had a taste. I like mixing the drink with Apple Ice and their Orange Ice. It's perfect! The Banana Orgnx e-juice flavor is available in the Banana Iced Orgnx Nic Salt version as a high-VG Iced alternative.


Its Honeydew ORGNX e-Juice is pretty excellent. It has the flavor of Honeydew (as opposed to other melons), and that's a fantastic feat. It doesn't taste artificial to me but rather like a mild honeydew melon

with an additional flavor. It wasn't so sweet and fruity as other ORGNX fruit flavors. It's delicious and very similar to honeydew melon juice.

It was a bit disappointing. Honeydew Ice Orgnx vape juice was not as enjoyable to me, due to the flavor of melon was altered, perhaps because of the Ice. The most common thing that the taste of Ice is to give a more vibrant flavor and an icy exhale. In this instance, the Ice was so strong that it altered the honeydew flavor, which was more like a mint melon than an iced version of their Honeydew. I prefer the Honeydew without ice flavor more.


The Lychee tasted similar to Lychee with a hint of lemon and mint. The company doesn't mention lemons on their website; however, I'm pretty sure I tasted some sweet lemon, sweet Lychee, and cold mint. The combination is delicious. Lychee isn't among my "go-to" flavors, but it's an enjoyable juice. I'd smoke Lychee even if any of my top flavors were not available. Although not as powerfully flavorful as pineapple or their peach flavors, for a true Lychee with a hint of lemon flavor, ORGNX did a very great job.


I tried my hand at the Peach Ice Orgnx e-Liquid, which was pretty good. It's not as fruity or sweet as other ORGNX flavors, but a nice fresh peach puff iced. It's accurate; however, it is not as potent. I'm confident that the MP 2.0 will reveal the extra flavor of this drink. With my MP Pro device, it was enjoyable; however, it wasn't as fruity or sweet as I like. In the meantime, I'm puffing this flavor, which is still delicious.


Final thoughts

ORGNX is a top brand to us thanks to its simple, yet appealing flavors. One thing to consider is this. When you are purchasing vape accessories such as e-juice it is essential to be aware of the variety of flavors

available. But, it's crucial to choose a reliable source to be sure that the juice on their list of products is of high quality and made from high-quality ingredients. Although it may take some time and effort to find the perfect e-juice for you, however, it's well worth the effort to locate the best products. ORGNX utilizes high-quality ingredients in their juice, the flavors are consistent as you experience them with those vaping buds. In a nutshell, ORGNX is among the top brands that originated directly from the southern California market.