WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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BLVK is an Award-Winning Premium E-Liquid Manufacturer located in Los Angeles, California, and sold worldwide. In 2016, BLVK was founded with the help of Ray, Wilson, & Kidd; BLVK strives to provide customers and users with an unforgettable experience when they vape by offering a variety of flavorful products: MANGO ALOE, OG MINT, PEACH PEAR, BLUERAZZ LEMON, GLAZED DONUT, MELON BERRY, ALOE WATERMELON, ALOE MANGO, ALOE GRAPE, ALOE PINEAPPLE and many more! Our products offer flavors that match the preferences of almost every adult smoker seeking an alternative to combustible smoking products. In addition to decades of experience in the vaping industry, excellent customer service, and powerful marketing, The BLVK brand will take you on an adventure to discover the ideal formula to help you make the perfect change. Our products are not thought to be tools for quitting smoking. The products sold under the BLVK brand include Nicotine that can lead to addiction and is only recommended for smokers, not those who don't. Be cautious!
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