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You may be wondering how often you should replace your  vape pods  or  vape mods, and the answer is that it depends on how frequently you use your vape. If you're a heavy vaper, use high-strength  e-liquids or nic salts, or switch flavors often, you should replace your pod/mod regularly, because the quality of your pod/mod can degrade over time due to the use and strong e-liquids. It will also leave a harsh burnt taste in your mouth, indicating that your pod/mod is empty. Since  replacement pod cartridges are essential,  Vape.com carries a wide variety of brands such as  Augvape,  JUUL,  Moti,  SnowWolf,  and  Uwell. Also, be sure to read our blog post,  What Is a Vape Pod? to find out more about vapes.
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