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November 04, 2022 3 min read

What is the Legal Vaping Age?

Over the past ten years, vaping has expanded quickly and is now the most widely used product for helping people give up smoking and the most popular consumer alternative to cigarettes. However, curious teens have become a bothersome client demographic as a result of their rising popularity.

Enforcing a legal minimum sales age for e-cigarettes, like with alcohol, isn't a perfect solution, but it is the most effective strategy to lower teen vaping. The age at which a person may acquire a vape, the penalty for shops that violate the legislation, and the methods for enforcing the law are difficult decisions for legislators to make. Legislators who make mistakes could unintentionally increase smoking among children or adults or contribute to the emergence of a black market.

Additionally, lawmakers must choose a legal majority age, which is the age at which a person can vote, sign contracts, apply for credit, enlist in the military, and purchase alcohol, tobacco, and other items that aren't appropriate for youngsters. Age is always a compromise, but it acknowledges that it gives adults the freedom to make many decisions that include risk. Tobacco 21 is a remarkable rule because it believes that smoking and vaping are so dangerous that young persons who are trusted to drive, buy a house, or fight in war should not have the option to do either.


Vaping Age Regulations in the United States

In the US, 21 is currently the minimum age to purchase and use vape devices. Congress passed the federal Tobacco 21 law in December 2019 in response to pressure from tobacco control organizations and worried parents. The new policy, which was a part of the final federal appropriations package, was approved by President Trump and went into effect right away. Although it covers cigarettes and other tobacco products, concerns over teen vaping were the driving force behind the law's passage.

The use and sale of vaping products are governed by state laws in the US in addition to the federal minimum age for using a vape. The minimum age to vape is 18 in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Georgia, while the legal smoking age is 19 in Utah, Alabama, and Alaska. In Alaska, vaping devices can be authorized for medical and health use by people who are younger than this age requirement. Additionally, only adults over the age of 21 may legally purchase e-cigarettes and vaping devices in Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia. 


The Legal Vaping Age in Other Countries

There are certain nations where the legal smoking age is set at a national level rather than at the level of a state or province. Canada is one instance of this, where the national legal vaping age is 18, but some regions maintain a ban on vaping until the age of 19. On the other hand, Australian law prohibits the sale of nicotine products other than cigarettes without a prescription, although those over the age of 18 may purchase non-nicotine vape devices.

Brazil, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, and Vietnam are additional nations where the legal drinking age is 18. The legal age to vape is 20 in Japan, 19 in South Korea, Turkey, and the Philippines, and 21 in Ethiopia, Honduras, Palau, and the Philippines, the same as in the US.



The way tobacco and cannabis products are used has changed as a result of vaping. Vaporizers were initially accessible to those under the age of 21 as long as they didn't include nicotine or other banned substances. Tobacco and vaping regulations, however, have recently undergone some FDA revisions. Currently, you must be at least 21 years old to purchase vaping devices legally; however, this does not mean that if you are younger, you will automatically be jailed for having a vape in your possession. Retailers who do so run the risk of facing harsh punishments.

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