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October 12, 2022 3 min read

FDA solicits the elimination of e-cigarettes that are disposable and fruity.

 FDA officials                                                                               Sturti  from Istockphoto.com 

WASHINGTON - U.S. Health officials are slamming electronic cigarettes with fruity flavors, claiming that the companies have not been granted permission to market cigarettes within the U.S.

The Food and Drug Administration sent an official letter on Monday, directing the manufacturer behind Puff Bar e-cigarettes to take Puff Bar from the market in 15 business days, which includes flavors such as strawberry, lemonade pink, and strawberry. An unpublished notice on the site of the company says the distribution and sales online have been stopped "until another notice."

The agency also issued caution letters to 9 other businesses that sell similar nicotine-based products or e-cigarettes that illicitly target children. Certain of them are clones of cereals, sweets, and other sweets like Twinkies, as well as Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

The company that sells Puff Bar Cool Clouds Distribution of Glendale, California, did not immediately return inquiries or emails for clarification Monday.

The move follows months of anti-vaping advocates cautioning that disposable vapes such as Puff Bar were a glaring gap within the ban of FDA against flavored vapes. The policy, which went into effect in February, only targeted vaping devices that are reusable, such as Juul which is the blockbuster company that triggered the popularity of vaping among teens across the U.S. In the new policy, only tobacco and menthol flavors could be permitted for these devices. However, the flavor restrictions didn't apply to disposable vaping devices like Puff Bar.

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids in an announcement declared the FDA move a "welcome needed and long-overdue move," but added that it only covers only a "small quantity of these products, and doesn't even include all disposable electronic cigarettes."

The group has demanded a complete ban on all flavors for all kinds of vaping and tobacco products, which includes menthol. The advocates of vaping say that flavors can aid smokers of all ages to get rid of cigarettes, but the FDA has not approved any e-cigarette that is intended for this purpose.

Every U.S. vaping company faces an October deadline by which they must submit products for FDA evaluation. The lengthy delay forms part of the FDA's long-running attempt to regulate the multibillion-dollar vaping market that includes thousands of electronic cigarettes as well as nicotine-based solutions.

In recent months, the FDA has been engrossed in the coronavirus epidemic and has been reviewing new treatments and tests. This season, the FDA stopped inspections in person at Vape shops and convenience shops to enforce sales restrictions. In the last few months, it was announced that the U.S. raised the legal age for buying e-cigarettes and any other tobacco or smoking products to 18 from 21.

What is the popularity of disposable electronic cigarettes?

Puff bar vs JUUL

 The lack of rules and enforcement of electronic cigarettes has led to the spread of products. Current disposable devices are growing in popularity since JUUL stopped selling certain fruity and sweet flavors this year after being analyzed due to its central role in the e-cigarette youth epidemic.

The online search results suggest that disposable electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity. An article published in December in the Journal Tobacco Control, "The rise of JUUL-style disposable e-cigarettes," reports that a Google search led to the names of 31 disposable cigarettes in the first result page including products "priced starting at $4.60 with as high as 77 percent nicotine (a higher amount in comparison to JUUL) as well as advertising 200 puffs."

The prices are significantly lower than JUUL which can cost up to $34.99 to purchase the product that includes JUUL pods, which are sold on their own in the U.S. In the report: "disposable products may surge in popularity among minors and cause people of any age to test and fall in love with vaping even though they may not have otherwise due to the expense of access."

What is a Puff Bar function?

 Puff Bars have many similarities with JUUL However, they have a few significant differences. Similar to JUUL, the Puff Bar is compact enough to fit into pockets, it is like a USB flash drive and can heat a cartridge that contains liquid e-liquid, causing it to vaporize. Each pod is charged and filled. When the vapor is gone, it is not rechargeable or filled again, separating it from JUUL due to its single-time usage.