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November 23, 2022 3 min read

Rainier Ridao on Unsplash


Tips and Tricks for Bigger Vape Clouds

Vapers initially do not focus much on sub-ohming or vapor clouds. They see vaping as a way to get high, feel cozy, and mimic the experience of smoking a cigar. As people continue to vape, though, this impression alters.

As vapers get more accustomed to the habit, they start to wonder about sub-ohming and try to make big clouds of vapor. They begin to realize that an earlier, straightforward process now has more attraction and excitement.

So what can you do to produce larger vape clouds?


Tip # 1: Amplify the Power

You may vaporize e-liquid significantly more quickly if you increase the wattage of your device. It has been shown that using a strong battery and a low-resistance coil while vaping is an efficient technique to boost vapor production.

To put it briefly, it entails vaping using a coil that has a resistance lower than one ohm. The coil's resistance can be decreased to allow more power to flow through the circuit and evaporate liquid more quickly.

It's vital to understand that while the power boost doesn't produce more vapor, it does enable you to get that vapor quicker than you would if the e-liquid were vaporized with less power. As a result, more vapor may be sucked in from a single inhale because the e-liquid evaporates more quickly.


Tip # 2: Boost the Airflow

Vaping requires a certain amount of airflow, especially if you want to produce more vapor. First off, if you raise your vape's power by using coils with lower resistance or greater wattages, the vapor's temperature will rise and could get too hot for comfortable use. By increasing the airflow, more fresh air may enter and the temperature of the vapor can be lowered, making it more comfortable to breathe.

More air will be able to pass over your coils if you increase the airflow on your atomizer. Your device can produce vapor more quickly as the airflow across its coil increases. The pace at which the "old" vapor may be replaced with "new vapor" also increases as the rate of vapor generation rises because the vapor is pushed out of the device more quickly.


Tip # 3: Use the Right E-Juice.

Your choice of e-juice also has an impact on how big your clouds are. We are aware that e-liquid is mostly composed of VG and PG. Most e-juices combine these two ingredients because their respective purposes are distinct from one another.

While VG supplies the vapor, PG is responsible for the flavor and throat punch. You need an e-juice with a high VG content if your only goal is to improve vapor output and create greater clouds. There are juices available that have a 100% VG ratio and can create voluminous, dense clouds.

The key to honing the technique is the next thing you need to master. You must adhere to these guidelines, which we'll list through a simple 5 step process:

1. Empty your lungs fully as you exhale.

2. To get rid of extra air in your lungs, slant your head slightly forward and exhale once more.

3. Blow the remaining air into your gadget without inhaling, then watch the vapor come out of the air vents.

4. Now inhale as deeply and forcefully as you can. Straighten your back up as you inhale so that your lungs can expand and let in more vapor.

5. Then, exhale normally and steadily while also extending your jaw a little bit. When you feel like you are running out of breath, clamp your lips to unleash a forceful burst of air that will cause the vapor that has been expelled to erupt into a massive cloud.



You'll learn how to create bigger vape clouds by using the supplied tips and tricks mentioned above. All professionals began as amateurs, therefore it could take some time and work to master some of these tactics. The most crucial lesson is that you should only vape in the way that you want to, and that's what makes it so fantastic.