WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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October 07, 2022 3 min read

What is Dragbar B5000

Dragbar B5000, Zovoo's most recent entry into the high-capacity disposable market. B5000 was the very first disposable with a box shape within the Dragbar family.

It contains 13ml of prefilled nicotine that comes in either 20mg or 50mg nicotine strength.

The B5000 comes with an internal battery that is 500mAh. It is rechargeable using USB Type C.

It utilizes mesh coils and, as the name suggests, can deliver as much as 5000 puffs per bar.

We have included several Zovoo products on our top list of disposable vapes. We'll look into whether the B5000 is an additional one that is worth a look.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Style & Design

The Dragbar B5000s appear and feel stunning as a disposable device.

Zovoo has added double-colored infusion technology with dynamic colors.

The structure and the body of Dragbar B5000 with a delightfully glossy matte finish. It's an absolute pleasure to handle.

It is also compact, measuring only 79.6x44x22.6mm, and it fits into the palm of your hand. The Dragbar has batteries that can be recharged up to 500mAh, enabling Zovoo to keep its size smaller.

The device's charge port and its LED light are activated when it is on the flat bottom of the device.

This mouthpiece is also elegant since the crystal-like two-tone infusion, and two-tone tip are nicely integrated. It's smooth and flat and perfect for the MTL vape.

The color palettes for the B5000s from Dragbar are vibrant and complement the product's taste. I'm not a fan of large, bold fonts on gadgets; however, that is the "Drag method". However, I'm glad to affirm that it is effective for me here, giving the devices a new and exciting style.

Drag Bar B5000 Pina Colada


Zoom and the Dragbar family keep messing with it in the park. 

The performance of this model is in the top tier of what it has (like Dragbar 5000, the original Dragbar 5000) and is probably my top of the bunch.

The mesh coils provide vapor instantly when you inhale, and the automatic draw trigger performs perfectly.

There's no airflow adjustment in the B5000; however, it's unnecessary because they've got their draw right. It's an ideal middle MTL draw that is ideal for disposables and is exceptionally smooth throughout.

What Zovoo continues to excel in is its balanced flavor profile. Not just in the disposables but within the entire range.

They've got a great mix of flavors ranging from traditional such as Strawberry Ice Cream and Blue Raz Ice to more exotic options like the beautiful Watermelon Lychee.

The only downside is that there are only ten flavors within the selection. But, Zovoo typically expands these flavors reasonably quickly.

The Dragbar B5000 provides the right sweetness for every flavor profile without being excessively strong. It's the same for all cooling agents employed.

This makes them perfectly portable all day long. They were so good I decided to chain-vape most of them.

The battery's 500mAh capacity also is capable of maintaining its charge and is charged reasonably quickly.

I'm sure they'll deliver close to the stated 5000 puffs for each bar. I didn't keep track of every breath, but based on my experience of trying out disposable bottles, and I was satisfied with the life of the B5000.

DragBar B5000 Fruit Slushie


The B5000 disposables from Dragbarhave been a pleasure and could have taken the top spot of my most-loved disposables.

We'll need to wait for the other team members to try them out to determine if they can get to the top of our top disposableslist.

You can tell I was not just thrilled with the build and design that the B5000 offers, but even more crucially, the incredible performance and the exceptional flavor.

I'm excited to give it another go! If you're searching for an item with a high capacity, the Dragbar B5000s are highly recommended.