WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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October 06, 2022 3 min read


Lost Mary OS5000 device measures approximately 1 3/4 " wide by 2 3/4 " tall and is one" thick. From the top, it features an oval-shaped mouthpiece that extends 3/4." It's got similar dimensions, and the corners are slightly rounded like soap bars. To the top is a slot that can be used to charge a type-C charger.

LOST MARY OS5000 kiwi passion fruit guava
The flap which covers the charging port is difficult to lift. I now understand why many models I was sent to test had the small rubber cover ripped off. At the top, just right next to a charging outlet, is a glowing light
LOST MARY OS5000 Watermelon
that changes color to green for charging to total capacity or medium charge, blue for medium, and red for low costs. Initially, I believed that the hole at the top was for the air input; however, as I vaporized it, I found that it was the battery-level light. I'm not sure what the location of the intake hole however, it does provide enough airflow to make a decent MTL (Mouth to Lung).

 The front and rear are wrapped with what appears to be inexpensive colored plastic. The top, middle, and sides are covered in more robust matted plastic, which offers some durability. The mouthpiece is made of the same material that has a texture and is easy to put in your mouth by the mouthpiece. The surface has a confident grip, and the plastic mouthpiece is designed perfectly to fit your mouth.

I haven't found anti-piracy software on the bar, box, or even the case. Bummer. Fortunately, Vape.com gets Lost Mary Disposables directly to Elf Bar, so if you buy now from vape.com, you are assured that no person has altered them or sold you fake. That's one of the advantages of buying directly from an expert Elf Bar Distributor.

LOST MARY OS5000 pineapple Mango

Although the components of the bar are constructed from lightweight plastic, it was a bit heavy and "dropped" this Kiwi Fruit Guava-flavored Lost Mary several times; however, it did not break or break. I threw it onto cement a few times, and it made a sound like it was about to break into pieces (sounded like toys hitting the ground) and not a loud sound when it struck the ground like was the sound the Elf Bar made. It didn't crack or break after many gravity tests.

The capacity of 13ml is an adequate quantity of vape juice, which means that you won't use all the 5000 puffs until it is time that the Lost Mary disposable runs out of battery and must be recharged. The battery is less than the other disposables on the market, meaning there's more reason to recharge the vape. It is as easy as charging a cell phone using a USB-C cable. A tiny light at its top blinks to indicate that it's demanded. The indicator for the battery's LED shifts from blue to red to green when charging. Once it has finished setting, it will blink several times before turning off. After about half an hour of charging, I was ready to finish the rest of the e-Juice left in the tank when the battery ran out. The battery's smaller capacity of 650 MAH allows for shorter periods of vaping before needing to be recharged.


After having a go at the collection over two weeks, I can say that the fruit flavors were right on, apart from that Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava. Apart from fruity flavors, they offered Cotton Candy, Strawberry Sundae, and Cranberry Soda. Of the three, Cotton Candy and Cranberry Soda tasted great, but Strawberry Sunday did not quite meet my expectations. There were two flavors I enjoyed (Strawberry pina colada as well as Cranberry Soda). I prefer the solid natural-tasting fruit flavors to enjoy an all-day vapor, and I liked the whole range of Lost Mary flavors very much. I put them near my printer and then smoked them at random intervals throughout the day for several days. The majority of them make a great all-day vape.

In Summary

If you are a fan of refreshing, sweet, icy fruit flavors, some excellent flavors are available here. Most (if there are any) of them have an icy taste. (Mint, Menthol, or colada). The few that don't possess iciness might have used it.

Sure, they are fantastic flavor combinations that are juicy and sweet, like the one you get from the Vaal Max (sub-ohm vape those hits like an enormous truck). Due to the low and tight airflow, you can achieve an acceptable MTL, but there's not enough airflow to make an DTL (Direct to Lung) puff.