WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Something is appealing with the combo of tartness and sweetness. The most beloved candies of our childhood smack our mouths with a sweet and sour taste that leaves the taster wanting to have more. It's a good thing you can have the lovely bubblegum fix by inhaling the tasty juices of OKAMI Bubble Gang. Inspired by your childhood's sugary, fruity bubblegum flavor, This line of juices from OKAMI BRAND LLC will surely please your craving for sweets precisely as the real thing. If you inhale one of the flavors offered by OKAMI Bubble Gang, you'll feel a sense of joy wash over you with that delicious flavor that instantly brings back memories. Because they only use the most nuanced flavors, it's easy to discover that every taste from their line perfectly represents the fruity bubblegum's flavor. With OKAMI Bubble Gang, you can enjoy the enchanting flavor of chewy, delicious, and sweet bubblegum for hours without worrying about damaging your teeth. Every brand flavor and its salts from the OKAMI collection will satisfy your sweet tooth while reviving your taste buds with a delicious taste. You're ready to go for a booze-fest with fantastic vapes like these!