WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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There's nothing like eating delicious treats made from fresh, farm-fresh ingredients. If you dream of farm life is time to look into the range of e-liquidsoffered by Fresh Farms. The company has developed appealing juices that all have that authentic country taste. The E-Juices offered by Fresh Farms are unique because they're made of natural ingredients that will make you feel as if you're eating perfect mature fruit. The fruit juices are juicy, plump, and incredibly sweet. They are also deliciously sweet. Melons are smooth, crisp, and refreshingly. After a few pulls, it's like you're picking your favorite fruits freshly picked off the vine. There is undoubtedly something very comfortable about the flavor fresh Farms has managed to make. They all have that flavor that makes it feel like you're in your grandmother's kitchen. It could be a bowl of berries that are juicy or freshly made shortcake or perhaps Nic salts (Fresh Farms Salt E-liquid). They provide the vapers with what they want and require. Fresh farms offer a variety of flavors. We have here, Passion fruit guava, Blood orange cactus, Strawberry coconut, Pineapple citrus, Smooth banana ice, sweet peach soda, and apple kiwi crush. Treat yourself to our premium e-liquid!