WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Viho Turbo Disposable

Experience vaping convenience like never before with the Viho Turbo Disposable, offering an impressive 10,000 puffs packed into a generous 17mL of e-liquid. 

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Original Flavors:

  • Banana Icy – A refreshing blend of sweet banana with a cool icy twist.
  • Blue Power – A powerful burst of fruity and blue raspberry flavors.
  • Blue Razz Icy – A chilling combination of blue raspberry and icy menthol.
  • Cactus Lime – The perfect fusion of tangy cactus and zesty lime.
  • Cherry Cola – Classic cherry cola flavor with a hint of sweetness.
  • Cherry Lemon – A delightful mix of ripe cherries and zesty lemons.
  • Clear – A clean and pure flavor experience.
  • Coconut Pineapple – Tropical paradise with the rich taste of coconut and juicy pineapple.
  • Grape Bubble Gum – Juicy grape flavor with a nostalgic bubble gum twist.
  • Grape Ice – Crisp grape taste with a refreshing icy finish.
  • LA Mint – Cool and minty freshness inspired by the city of Los Angeles.
  • Lemon Mint – A harmonious blend of zesty lemon and cooling mint.
  • Mango Icy – Exotic mango flavor with a frosty menthol kick.
  • Passion Fruit Icy – Passionate passion fruit flavor with a chilling icy sensation.
  • Peach Lemon – Sweet peaches meet zingy lemons for a fruity delight.
  • Peachy Icy – Ripe peaches paired with a refreshing blast of menthol.
  • Peppermint Cream – Smooth and creamy peppermint goodness.
  • Pineapple Ice – Tropical pineapple with an invigorating icy edge.
  • Sour Apple Icy – Tart green apple flavor with a frosty menthol twist.
  • Sour Raspberry Bubblegum – Sour raspberries meet classic bubblegum.
  • Strawberry Kiwi – The perfect balance of sweet strawberries and tangy kiwi.
  • Strawmelon Icy – A blend of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelon, finished with a menthol chill.
  • Tobacco – The classic taste of rich and bold tobacco.
  • Watermelon Icy – Juicy watermelon with a refreshing menthol finish.

Black and Gold Edition Flavors:

  • Black & Gold Edition Blue Power – The iconic Blue Power flavor in a black and gold edition.
  • Black & Gold Edition Mango Peach Watermelon – A luxurious blend of mango, peach, and watermelon in a black and gold edition.
  • Black & Gold Edition Tropical Melon – Exotic tropical melon flavors with a touch of elegance in a black and gold edition.
  • Black & Gold Edition Watermelon Bubble Gum – Juicy watermelon paired with classic bubble gum in a black and gold edition.
  • Black & Gold Edition Watermelon Catus Jack – Watermelon and cactus fusion with a touch of sophistication in a black and gold edition.

Chrome Edition Flavors:

  • Chrome Edition Cactus Lime – The refreshing Cactus Lime flavor with a chrome twist.
  • Chrome Edition Cherry Berry – A chrome-infused fusion of cherry and berries.
  • Chrome Edition Cool Mint – Chrome-inspired coolness for a minty experience.
  • Chrome Edition Frozen Tundra – A frosty tundra of icy flavors with a chrome touch.
  • Chrome Edition Grape Ice – Chrome-plated grape flavor with a cool finish.
  • Chrome Edition Pineapple Ice – Pineapple delight with a chrome-coated icy edge.
  • Chrome Edition Raspberry Watermelon – Raspberries and watermelon with a chrome twist.
  • Chrome Edition Strawberry Cheesecake – Creamy strawberry cheesecake with chrome elegance.
  • Chrome Edition Strawberry Kiwi – Strawberry and kiwi meet chrome sophistication.
  • Chrome Edition White Gummy – A chrome-inspired twist on white gummy candy.

Galaxy Edition Flavors:

  • Galaxy Edition Blue Pom Orange – Blue pomegranate and orange flavors from a galaxy far, far away.
  • Galaxy Edition Glacier Oreo – The cool sensation of glacier mint combined with the sweet allure of Oreo cookies from the galaxy.
  • Galaxy Edition Glazed Donut – A cosmic take on a classic glazed donut flavor.
  • Galaxy Edition Popping Candy – A cosmic explosion of popping candy delights.
  • Galaxy Edition Strawberry Banana – A fruity blend of strawberries and bananas from the galaxy.
  • Galaxy Edition Unicorn – An enchanting and magical flavor experience from the galaxy.

Satin Edition Flavors:

  • Satin Edition Cherry Cola – The classic cherry cola taste with a satin touch.
  • Satin Edition Dragon Fruit Berries – Dragon fruit and mixed berries in a satin finish.
  • Satin Edition Dragon Fruit Watermelon – Satiny smooth dragon fruit and watermelon combination.
  • Satin Edition Grape Bubble Gum – Grape bubble gum flavor with a silky satin twist.
  • Satin Edition Sex On The Beach – A luxurious interpretation of the iconic Sex On The Beach cocktail in satin.
  • Satin Edition Sour Raspberry Bubble Gum – Sour raspberry and bubble gum in a satin finish.
  • Satin Edition Strawberry Raspberry – A satin blend of strawberries and raspberries.
  • Satin Edition Mighty Mint – Intensely refreshing mint that’s seriously mighty.
  • Satin Edition Triple Berries – A trio of luscious berries for a burst of fruity goodness.


  • x1 Viho Turbo Disposable

*All disposable vape devices are non-returnable and non-exchangeable, whether defective or otherwise.*

CAUTION: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.