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November 05, 2022 3 min read

How to Avoid a Vape Explosion?

Many of you may be aware that e-cigarettes, often known as vapes, have the potential to explode or catch fire, inflicting severe injuries on users. Vape fires and explosions are dangerous to the individual using the vaping product and those nearby, even if they seem to occur infrequently. Additional risks could arise, for instance, if a vape battery catches fire or bursts close to flammable liquids or gases like gasoline, propane, or oxygen.

 Although the precise causes of vape flames or explosions are not yet known, the following are some often occurring causes:


Loose Batteries

The majority of vaping explosion incidents aren't even caused by vaping devices at all, but rather by unsecured batteries carried in pant pockets. Keys or loose coins in your pocket can accidentally connect the positive and negative poles of an extra battery for your mod if you keep it there. The battery can quickly overheat, catch fire, or explode when power travels straight from the positive to the negative pole rather than through a controlled power circuit.


Low-Resistance Coils and Mislabeled Batteries

There is a limit to how much power a device can demand from a battery, and battery manufacturers, dealers, or distributors may inflate those figures. Furthermore, some unregulated mods without safety features employ low-resistance coils. The battery can overheat and enter thermal runaway, which can result in a fire or—if the battery can't easily exhaust the heat—an explosion if an atomizer pulls more current than it can safely supply and there is no electronic cutoff in the device. The harm can be serious and potentially fatal if you are holding the gadget to your mouth at the time of the explosion.


Fake, Poor Quality, and Defective Batteries

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and lithium-polymer (LiPo) cells, which are typically secure, make up nearly all vape batteries. However, it is easy to purchase a fake, especially if you buy inexpensive batteries, which are sometimes made of subpar cells that have been rewrapped. Another problem is the repackaging of subpar or incorrect cells with the labels of premium brands to create counterfeit batteries. These batteries frequently have very low amperage ratings and are wrapped to look like well-known, dependable types with larger amperage ratings.

Batteries that have been dropped numerous times, have noticeable dents, or have been submerged in water ought to be replaced and recycled as well. When the chambers that house the cell's chemicals are harmed, a hazardous internal reaction might result.


Tips for Preventing Vape Explosions

Your best defense against explosions or fires caused by vape batteries maybe being aware of the following advice until all vapes and vape batteries adhere to strict and consistent safety standards:


  • Use vape pens with safety features like vent holes, locking firing buttons, and overcharging protection.
  • To avoid coming into contact with metal, keep loose batteries enclosed in a case. Avoid allowing coins, keys, or other metals in your pocket to come into touch with batteries.
  • Never use a phone or tablet charger to recharge your vape gadget. Instead, always use the included charger.
  • Avoid leaving your vape gadget charging overnight or unattended.
  • If the batteries sustain damage or become wet, replace them. You can get in touch with the maker of your vaporizer if the batteries can't be changed.
  • Make sure you read and comprehend the manufacturer's instructions for handling and maintaining your gadget. Contact the manufacturer if you need help or if your vape did not come with instructions.
  • Use only the batteries that are suggested for your device. Avoid using batteries from different manufacturers, use batteries with varying charge levels, and combine old and new batteries.
  • Charge your vape away from anything that could easily catch fire and on a clean, flat surface where you can see it. Avoid charging your vape on a couch or pillow where it could more easily overheat or turn on accidentally.
  • Avoid leaving your vaporizer in the sun or the car on a hot summer day or a chilly winter night, and avoid charging it when it's extremely cold or hot.
  • Avoid vaping near flammable liquids or gases, such as gasoline, propane, or oxygen.
  • To lessen risks to the environment and human health, properly dispose of vapes and e-liquids.





By just charging batteries when you are in the same room, the majority of charging issues can be avoided. Avoid leaving the house or leaving them charging overnight. Replace and recycle batteries if they ever become warm during charging. Even if it's possible to unintentionally overcharge batteries, using the top vape battery chargers we have available at vape.com will guarantee that it includes overcharge protection to stop charging above the battery cells' maximum capacity.