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November 05, 2022 3 min read

Ways to Stop Smoking and Start Vaping

Smoking cessation can be challenging. You can choose to stop smoking and start vaping as a way to acquire nicotine while consuming fewer of the chemicals that are released when tobacco is burned. Even yet, you can still maintain your social life, save money, and feel better after giving up smoking. Vaping is not harmless, despite being significantly less dangerous than smoking. Therefore, you should prepare to finally stop vaping as well, but only after you are certain that you won't resume smoking.

Saying "I Quit" may seem simple, but it's one of the best things you can do to boost your health and lengthen your life. Although it's difficult, you can achieve your goals. If you're ready to deal with the cravings, desires, and emotions that come with quitting, there are lots of advantages to giving up smoking permanently. The substance nicotine is extremely addictive, therefore your body will need time to adjust to being without it.

So, are you prepared to stop smoking? Here are a few things you can do to begin your adventure.


1. Make no excuses and schedule your "Stop Smoking Day."

Make a promise or vow in front of people who will encourage you on your journey to quitting, and then choose a date when you'll cease using tobacco products - that's now your "Stop Smoking Day." Use the time leading up to your quit date to get ready and progressively reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke or how often you use other tobacco products.

2. Select a quitting strategy.

There are three methods for giving up smoking. Depending on the one you think will work best for you, you can even combine them. The first approach, known as "Cold Turkey," allows you to stop smoking on the day of your choosing and is favored by some people because it doesn't prolong the process.

Reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke each day is the second strategy. For instance, if you normally smoke 20, reduce back to 10 cigarettes for two to three days. Next, reduce your smoking to five cigarettes for two to three days until you are fully smoke-free.

Lastly, you can reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke until you stop smoking totally by only smoking a little of each one. Keep track of how many puffs you typically take from each cigarette, then gradually cut back every two to three days.

3. Plan out your Stop Smoking Day.

You can prepare to have nutritious snacks ready on your Stop Smoking Day, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, air-popped popcorn, sugar-free mints, and chewing gum. You can also try entertaining activities to pass the time when you might be tempted to smoke, such as watching movies, working out or going to the gym, taking a walk, visiting your non-smoking friends, or discovering a new hobby that keeps your hands busy, like painting, playing an instrument, woodworking, or knitting. It's also beneficial to remove any cigarettes, matches, lighters, ashtrays, and other tobacco products from your house, place of business, and vehicle.

4. Have a conversation with those who have successfully quit smoking.

Talking to people who have given up smoking is among the best things you can do. Ask them what they wish they knew before beginning and if anything specific is helpful. You can participate in both local and online support groups. On your road to stopping smoking, keep in mind that you're not alone.

5. If you need to, seek expert assistance.

They may assist you in creating a strategy so that you have everything in place and can simply get started quitting, whether you see a doctor or get a free, certified coach. Your chances of quitting successfully with the help of a doctor or coach are significantly higher.




There are numerous ways to stop smoking, including vaping, nicotine replacement therapy, other stop-smoking drugs, and cold turkey. Although no vaping product has been officially certified as a stop-smoking aid, it is a far safer way to deliver nicotine than smoking tobacco. Vaping is a legal option to stop smoking and has assisted many people in doing so.

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