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November 04, 2022 3 min read

The Do's and Don'ts of Vaping

While some smokers find that vaping helps them stop, others do it as a hobby. It may feel overwhelming to learn everything there is to know if you are new to vaping. Your experience vaping will be better, safer, and happier if you are aware of the basic dos and don'ts.

Here are some recommendations for dos and don'ts when vaping, regardless of your level of experience. Your vaping experience will be improved if you adhere to these straightforward principles.


Do’s of Vaping

1. Always Keep Your Vape Clean

When you're producing foul-smelling vapor or getting harsh hits, a clean vape device is preferable. Cleaning your pod mod's mouthpiece, atomizer tank, connectors, and battery area daily is recommended.


2. Replace Coils and Other Parts As Needed

Regularly checking your vape's coils and other replacement parts is just as crucial as cleaning them. Any juice flavor you have in your device will be overwhelmed by the unpleasant taste you get from pulling on a burnt coil. If you favor sweet flavors, be aware that sugary flavors can quickly build up a gummy layer. Regular cleaning of your vaporizer also extends its lifespan and improves performance.


3. Store E-Liquids Safely from Kids and Pets

Maintaining the flavor of your vape juices by keeping them in a cold, dark place is another crucial task when vaping. Even though e-liquid has a lengthy shelf life, keeping it in a dark, cold environment will help it stay longer. Some vapers store their vape liquid in the refrigerator or any other location that is out of the reach of children and animals because sunlight and heat can cause it to alter color and taste.


4. Observe Smoking Rules at All Times

It is more likely that you cannot vape somewhere if you notice a non-smoking sign. Everyone must abide by the same laws when using tobacco products in most public venues, including airports, office buildings, and even some restaurants. Make sure you're in a specified area even if you go outdoors because certain laws mandate that smokers and vapers remain a specific distance from the entrance.


5. Control Your Clouds

Before puffing away, always check the home regulations. Especially if you use a covert device, most people are cool with vaping, but to avoid blowing vapor directly into people's faces, direct the smoke upward or downward. Keep the clouds under check while continuing to enjoy the billowing, flavorful clouds.


Don'ts of Vaping

1. Never Leave Your Vape Device in the Sun

The water, wind, and sun can all harm your device. Carry your vape in your pocket or a protective case if you're going to the beach or taking it out in poor weather. You can use a little bag to store your vape supplies even though you carry a handbag.


2. Don’t Charge Your Vape Overnight

Overcharging a battery or device might damage its delicate parts. Always use the included charging cord to recharge it rather than your laptop or phone charger to avoid cable issues. The majority of batteries and devices don't take very long to fully charge.


3. Avoid Vaping Around Children

Many parents don't want to expose their kids to adult activities such as smoking or vaping. Of course, you don't want your kids or pets getting into the concentrated forms of nicotine, which is included in the majority of vape liquids. So, it is preferable to vape away from children or when they are not around.


4. Stop Chain Vaping

Chain vaping—inhaling several draws quickly—can burn your coils more quickly and result in dry hits when you vape. To lessen the likelihood of a dry strike, you must let your wicks soak. In general, you should wait 15 to 30 seconds before inhaling again to protect your vaporizer.


5. Consider Common Sense and Courtesy

Most of the time, it just boils down to common courtesy and common sense. Always ask anyone nearby for their permission before turning on your gadget. When vaping in public, always be considerate of others' wishes regarding smoking.




Simply put, vape sensibly. Always keep your equipment clean, secure, and organized when storing liquids. Never vape in public or private spaces that prohibit them, such as cinemas or autos. Most essential, keep in mind the politeness and common sense rules for vaping in public.

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